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“My sexual experience is much more pleasant and enjoyable. I’ve noticed less inner friction and a natural smoothness I haven’t experienced for years. I credit this to the increased natural lubrication encouraged by my Femilift procedure. My husband even noticed the tone was noticeably different…for the better. Plus, I can run, jump and even sneeze with confidence again!”

LN, Age 45

Mother of 3

“After only three weeks following my first treatment, I noticed increased lubrication and pain experienced during intercourse relieved by 40%. The procedure was painless, but the sensation was a little unusual. I experienced no side effects and returned to my normal daily routine immediately after leaving the office.  I’m looking forward to the next treatment and the increased benefits it will bring.”

LA, Age 59

Breast Cancer Survivor

“The procedure was super easy – not painful, not scary.  I noticed improved lubrication and heightened sensitivity. My spouse remarked that he definitely noticed increased vaginal tone!”

SC, Age 44

Breast cancer survivor

“Painful intercourse was a 10 out of 10 now it is a 5 out of 10 four weeks after my first treatment. Love it!”

Anonymous, Age 64

“Discomfort is now minimal with intimacy! Even my husband notices a difference. I used to  get bladder infections after sex every time but have not had one since starting the Femilift treatments!!! I love this added benefit- this is definitely worth it”

DT, Age 56  

Breast Cancer Survivor

“Dr. McCullagh made me feel as comfortable as possible during the Femilift procedure. She explained everything she did each step of the way. I am totally confident in her abilities. Dr. McCullagh is highly  recommended to friends.”

JB, Age 52

“Improved sensation in the vulvar region and improved lubrication. In the 4 weeks after my first treatment, urine leakage has reduced by 50%- I leak less often and a much smaller amount. I am happy!”

SJ, Age 56

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